Countdown to 60

Next April I will be 60. That’s a bit of a scary number for me. When I was a teenager I couldn’t imagine being 60 and if I ever did have to think about it, I imagined little old ladies with purple-rinsed perms.

As it happens, I do like the colour purple (that’s why our charity’s branding is purple) and I have had perms (remember the 80s?) but I don’t feel old. At least, my mind doesn’t feel old – the body is another matter…

Jen 1984

So, to help me approach this big birthday I’ve decided to focus on doing something positive and given my passion for ICP it just has to be around fundraising. In my heart of hearts I’d love to raise £60,000 for ICP Support before my 60th but that’s a tall order given it’s my birthday on April 2nd and I don’t have a full year to do it in so I am going just going to get cracking and see how I do.

My first challenge is to lose weight for my proposed hip replacement which will be sometime later this year. I have never publicly spoken about my challenges with weight but I am your classic yo-yo dieter and friends and family have seen my body shape change more times than your average shape-shifter in Star Trek has ever managed! I’m currently carrying around 40lb too much and when I was told about the hip replacement I knew I needed to so something.

Screenshot 2017-06-04 12.54.41

So, three weeks ago I joined Slimming World online and with the support of a great friend and my husband I have lost seven pounds so far! If you want to sponsor me with my weight challenge please do!

I’ll announce my weight loss every week (find me on Twitter, Instagram or our Facebook page). I’ll also be thinking about what else I can do to fundraise, so if you have any ideas about what you’d sponsor me for then let me know!

The money raised will be used to fund research into intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy (ICP) also known as obstetric cholestasis (OC) and you can find out more about the condition by visiting  The short story is that this very complex liver condition of pregnancy is the reason I am writing this blog and why my whole life changed back in 1991. I’ll write more about this in other posts but I’d love to be able to fund things like a fetal heart monitor for one of Professor Catherine Williamson’s studies – each one costs around £3,000! – as well as helping ICP Support to meet their aims: to provide support and information into ICP, raise awareness of the condition and promote and fund research into it.

I’ll keep writing (and please bear with me, I am not a natural at writing by any means) and I hope you will join me as I head towards 60 (kicking and screaming I suspect!).


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