I got the Hippy, Hippy Shake

I’ve been given the date for my hip replacement.  6 October – THAT took the wind out of my sails! I kept saying to the PA, “Um… so that’s the date then? The ACTUAL date?”. She must have wondered what planet I was on (it’s called Planet Denial). Wow. It’s actually going ahead. I’m hoping that by the end of the year I’ll be able to twist my hips in time to Chan Romero’s ‘Hippy Hippy Shake’  (the version I remember is by The Swinging Blue Jeans) without feeling like I am going to fall apart.

There seems to be so much to sort out before that time. Although I can do a lot of my work from home it still means that my lovely research colleague, Marta, will be left to recruit to Professor Catherine Williamson’s studies by herself. I’m trying to sort out some cover, but as with all research institutions, our cup doth not floweth over. Hopefully the powers to be will find something.

Me and Marta (right)

Marta’s great to work with. Mind you, she takes the mickey out of me and thinks I need to chill out more – she’s always telling me to relax. She could be right as I’m already wondering if I can be back at work before December! It’s helpful that we are based in the Women’s Health Research Centre, Queen Charlotte’s & Chelsea Hospital, because I know our other research colleagues will also support Marta where they can whilst I am recovering from the operation.

slide_2Research is brilliant, and exasperating, and exciting, and boring, and rewarding, and laborious, and tricky, and lots more other things besides. But I love it (most of the time) and I am always left feeling humbled at what women will do to support Professor Catherine Williamson’s studies.
slide_4Last year ICP Support (the charity I help to run) asked women to complete a survey about research. An amazing number said that not only were they happy to take part, but that they would take part in more than one study at a time. This helped reassure us that we weren’t overloading women with research! If you’d like to know more about what we do (and perhaps even take part) visit the research section on the website for ICP Support.

catThe date for my hip replacement also means that I am under pressure to get my weight off and those of you who follow me on Instagram will see my progress – a stone off – yay!  I am looking for sponsors to keep me going as I am trying to raise a shed-load of money for research into ICP so please support me if you can.  As I am writing this I could murder a bag of Minstrels, but I will resist (so get sponsoring to help me stay on the straight and narrow – http://bit.ly/2uKOjnV).

My desk

So, back to the work in hand. I’ll try to get through all the amendments we need for the studies, sort that pile of work on my desk, beg for some cover for me, deliver the talks I have been asked to do for the charity and hope the sale of my flat and Mr K’s house will go through before then (that’s another blog post).  It’s going to be a busy couple of months…

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