Presentations and Patches

A lot has been happening since I last posted in A little bit brave.

I gave another two talks on ICP.

20170926_210214One was at the Manchester: Maternity, Midwifery and Baby Forum on 26 September. The talk seemed to go really well and you can catch it here. When I listen back I cringe at the ‘ums’ and the errors I made, but overall I think it’s okay. We also managed to speak to a lot of lovely midwives who were all very interested in the charity, so it’s great to be able to raise awareness of ICP Support.


The Forum was held at Old Trafford, which was an absolute treat for me as I’ve supported MUFC since I was a little girl. I even managed to get out on to the terraces – bliss! The next day I spoke at the APEC study day on Pre-eclampsia and that also went well (and they invited me back next year!).

The not so good news is that my hip replacement was cancelled. I won’t bore you with the details, but it concerned HRT and differing hospital policies. As a result, I’m now having to cope with a return of the hot flushes and I’m not a happy bunny, but if I want my new hip I have to comply.

20171005_215510Katey Rescigno, who is manager of the Women’s Health Research Centre (which was originally set up by my professor, Catherine Williamson), gave me a fan this week from one of the menopause trials and it’s been jolly handy. I got some odd looks on the train today, but I don’t care – it helps. Good news is that I won’t have to use it for too long, because the new date for the hip is 16 October and that HRT patch will be slapped on as soon as I am out of theatre!

This means that I can be at the Birmingham Marathon on 15 October to support our lovely runners and we will have a stand, so if you are around do please stop by and say hello.

And last but not least, Mr K and I moved! Bit of a gamble as neither of us have completed on the sale of our properties yet (I can hear the sharp intake of a few breaths), but we wanted to get into rented accommodation before my new hip so we went for it. Packed my flat up over a weekend and moved in to our new little flat the following Tuesday. So now we’re getting to know Lichfield and the bonus is that my second LittleItch, Tim, and his lovely fiancée, Kate, only live round the corner. It’s the very first place that Mr K and I can call ‘ours’ and it’s all very exciting and romantic.

Well, it would be if it wasn’t for the hot flushes…

Can’t wait for that patch! 😉


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