January… you been hanging on me

It’s a miserable day outside today, but so far, my resolution to be kinder and to stay focused on achieving a better work-life balance hasn’t been affected by the weather. It’s still a work in progress and despite the title of this blog post I feel quite sunny about it all!

Next Saturday we have our Trustees’ meeting in London (we alternate between Birmingham and London).

We’ll be discussing how to achieve our strategic aims for the charity. We do listen to what women and their families tell us they want (we will be looking at the results of a recent survey about the support line for example) and we adjust our plans if it looks like we’re going off track. As always though, making these plans to help families affected by ICP relies on funding, so if you’re someone who supports us either through fundraising or making a regular donation to ICP Support we are very grateful to you!

We launched the Lottery at the beginning of the month and really hope we can attract enough supporters to make the prize a very exciting amount. If we managed to sell 800 tickets a month that would give one lucky person £1000. Not life-changing, but a very decent amount! Details of how to buy in the shop can be found here: https://www.shop.icpsupport.org/Monthly_Lottery/p2070099_18211326.aspx. We are looking at how people can make a monthly standing order to buy tickets, as several of you have expressed an interest in doing this.

Jen 1984On the home front, Mr K and I made an offer (which has been accepted) on a house in Lichfield, which is very exciting! Not so exciting has been Mr K’s completion on his sale. Is it me or do solicitors these days take an age to settle the legal requirements of house sales/purchases? Back when I was a Building Society Manager (yes, that’s me at my desk some 34 years ago)  I took pride in the fact that I could offer someone a mortgage and complete within 2–4 weeks – not so these days it seems! I hope by next my blog Mr K’s sale has completed, because he’s not sleeping as well as he usually does.

Talking of completion, I am very close to completing on my own project Countdownto60 and although I haven’t raised £60k I have still managed to raise funds for research into ICP, so I am feeling good about this. I still have 8 weeks to go (gulp!) to the big six-o so that means I could raise even more by then! If 28,000 people texted SIXT00 £2 to 70070 I’d make it (ever the optimist 🤣).

I hope your January has gone well. It’s often a depressing month for people, but I am feeling very positive despite my ‘meh’ start to the year. For those of you who remember Pilot, here’s a song that I usually hum around this time of year (even though the song has nothing to do with the month of January!).

Jen x


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