A thousand years

Since I last wrote about the challenges of getting the money in to run a charity our donations have risen, the Lottery is being well supported (we have people who are signing up to do it monthly now!) and I’ve been contacted by a ‘proper’ blogger.

I was tickled pink when this happened because it’s always great if your blog posts are liked by other bloggers, especially if, like me, you are a total amateur. Kate, aka The Muddled Mum, is no amateur (her posts get thousands of views). She has turned adversity into something that works for her, while at the same time raising awareness of miscarriage, mental health issues and, to quote her: ‘all things motherhood‘. I am hoping for some tips from her (about the blogging – I think my boys would say it’s too late for any tips about motherhood 🤣).

Now she has turned her focus towards ICP Support and is aiming to raise some money for us. Inspired by Christina Perri’s song, A Thousand Years, she is aiming to run for 1000 minutes in three months – 11 minutes a day. Simple? Well, Kate tells me that she is overweight and hasn’t run for a long time, so it will be a challenge.  She says: “I feel a bit sick aiming for £1000 but my word for the year is BRAVE so I’m going to do my best”.

I am absolutely thrilled that Kate is going to do this for us.

Having read Kate’s blog I can see so many things that resonate with me, especially the aspects of mental health. When I finally had a live baby (Alex), I kept a diary, and looking back I can see quite clearly that I was depressed, but hid it from the world. On 31 July 1988, less than four weeks after Alex was born, I started with the sentence:

“Didn’t write anything yesterday because I felt so depressed and that in turn made me feel guilty because we’re so lucky to have Alex…”

and then on the 26 August I wrote:

“…(he) accused me of being negative. Well I know I’ve been bloody negative but it’s hard to keep optimistic when you feel depressed. I wanted support. Not criticism”

I often wonder if my friends realised how depressed I was. I don’t recall telling them how I was feeling and I definitely didn’t tell my health visitor or GP. I couldn’t – it felt too selfish, given that I finally had a live baby. I feel sad reading the diary again (although there are good bits – honest!) and very thankful that mental health is becoming much more accepted as something to talk about, as Kate’s fantastic blog shows.

Gosh, amazing how reading a blog site can unearth memories you thought you’d nicely tucked away.

Thank you Kate for what you are doing – not just for us as a charity, but for other women out there who will be encouraged to speak up about how they are feeling. Good luck with your challenge that you do in memory of George, Meadow, Wallace, Winnie and your little star – we’re with you every step of the way.

Jen x

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