Still dreaming of £60k by 60

I am not sure where the time has gone since I started this blog, but I do know that I only have four weeks and two days to go until it’s my 60th!

So how’s it been going since I started?

I’m pleased that I’ve managed to keep writing the blog posts. Not as often as I would have liked to, because I had no idea just how hard writing a blog is (maybe professional bloggers don’t find it challenging, but I do), but I am really pleased at what I have managed to produce. Some posts have been harder to write than others, but so far the two that stand out for me are Painkillers and Paranoia – because it shows a different side to me – and Stop Scratching!, in which I almost uttered the two words you should never say to someone with ICP.  I am delighted to report that ‘Sally’, who I wrote about in that post, had her baby boy a few weeks afterwards.

The weight challenge that formed part of my fundraising has been a bit up and down. I did really well up until the hip replacement, but have put a bit back on since then. Nevertheless, I’m still a stone lighter than when I started. I’m hoping to get my act together over these last few weeks.

The fundraising itself has taken a back seat, because – as well as the research work – running the charity has been a priority and we’ve had a lot going on. There was also the little matter of having the hip replacement, the recovery from which also took me a little by surprise. Plus Mr K and I are still in the middle of buying a house.

I am going to try to focus on raising a little more money in the last few weeks I have left (Mr K thinks that last sentence reads like I’m about to pop my clogs, but if that persuades you to donate that’s absolutely fine!). I clearly won’t reach that £60k, and I have mixed feelings about that. I feel a bit of a twit for choosing such a high target, but hey, you have to have a dream! Twenty-six years ago many people thought I would never get anywhere with raising awareness of ICP, and look where we are now.

So, four weeks left and I’ll do what I can – always good to keep a dream going…

Jen x

Any donation can be made here.

Or you can text SIXT00 £6 to 70070 – those 6s all add up 😘



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